The SolidUV team can design UV LED custom curing systems for almost any application


  • Flux to 20 W/cm2
  • Working distances up to 6” (150 mm)
  • Single, dual and triple wavelength options
  • Modular design, β€œarc” lengths to over 2 meters
  • Uses patented and patent pending SolidUV technologies

Focused high irradiance solutions

Large area flood curing solutions

Large area flood curing solutions

  • Wavelength combinations between 365 and 420 nm
  • Excellent wavelength uniformity at close or far working distances
  • Air and water cooled options
  • State-of-the-art LED chip technologies

Coming Soon!

New development tools for formulators
State of the art drive system – no belts or webs
Built in diagnostics provide exposure data for every sample
Brings old fashioned bench units into the 21st century!