The SolidUV Approach

Advanced LED assemblies resemble the optical performance of Mercury Lamps but with all of the advantages of LEDs:

  • No IR (cool LED operation)
  • No ozone production (safer operation)
  • No warm-up time (LEDs are instant-on)
  • No Mercury!!
  • High Reliability
  • Simple, low cost reflective optics
  • Advanced dimming control
  • Multi-wavelength options

irradiance profiles

SolidUV’s patented design delivers high power with large working distances using only simple, low cost reflective optics

inverse square optics

Other Small Chip LED Curing Systems:

  • Laws of optics requires small working distances for high irradiance
  • Complicated array packaging, many points of failure
  • Problems with striping due to LED-to-LED power variation
  • More expensive, less serviceable modules
  • Higher power, uniform irradiance requires expensive optics

In small chip LED systems, power drops rapidly with increasing working distance, requiring short working distances, unless expensive focusing optics are used.

SolidUV’s Ultra-large die modules deliver:

  • Superior thermal performance
  • Fewer LEDs means fewer points of failure
  • Very high UV output power per LED chip
  • Enables low cost modular assembly
  • Superb Irradiance Uniformity, dual wavelength capability

thermal diagram